Frequently Asked Questions

How I can send a query for Soporte Magento?

You just have to click on this link, fill in with your name and email address in order to inform about your problem.

How long before you´ve answer?

We compromise to give you a planned response during office hours in the standard option. Immediately within office hours at the urgent plan. At last, immediately at any time for the critical plan.

How much will it cost?

Each option has a fee associated. The standard rate is 45 €/hour, high priority are 75 €/hour and critical priority is 115 €/hour. We always will keep you informed of the estimated hours and the hours consumed to resolve your issue.

What differentiates the plans priority?

Depending on your chosen priority, we can allocate you more resources in order to serve before your query. The response times are lower for high priority queries. Because not all kind of problems require the same type of intervention, or the same urgency.

What guarantees offers me Soporte Magento?

In we offer you the maximum guarantees in terms of solving problems for the Magento platform. Once you accept the query, we are committed to its resolution on the agreed date. Otherwise, if we don´t find a solution, we will refund your money entirely.

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